The first bull I ever purchased from Dar broke his penis and I had never worked with a producer with a gauarantee like theirs. The guarantee is exactly what they say it is, and I even offered to go 50/50 on the bull and instead recieved 100% back, no questions asked. The fertility, longevity, and dispostion has greatly been improved in my cowherd and the calves are still sensible on carcass merit. Last year the group of calves I sold made an extra $55 per head compared to the plant average, and feedlots have been very satisfied with the calves uniformity, feed conversion and disposition. The most important fact is that DLCC is a family owned operation that stands behind their cattle and takes care of their customers.
— Keith Raty (Montana)
Dodge City 78Y is the big spread, high $Profit bull in the South Devon breed! He has emerged in the NASDA database as one of the easiest Calving Ease sires in the breed. Based on this proof, Leachman Cattle of Colorado purchased Dodge City and five of his sons from DLCC Ranch.
— Lee Leachman (Colorado)
The bulls I purchased from DLCC last year have adapted to our rugged and arid terrain amazingly well! Their gentle nature is also very good for our cattle as most of our cow herd has a bit of ear. Our concerns have been laid to rest as the bulls appear to be as tough and ready for work as possible. I would recommend them for any ranch in the southwest.
— Jeff Menges (Arizona)