DLCC Ranch

The DLCC Ranch 27th Annual Production Sale

Saturday, April 27th


Honest Cattle, Real Results

DLCC Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch in central Minnesota raising South Devon and Poundmaker cattle.

Our mission is to produce seedstock cattle that help our customers reach their goals, whatever they may be. 



Our genetics can be found in over 30 states across the country, as well as Australia, Canada, and England. Our cattle have shown they can adapt to perform in any environment. Learn More

Balanced Genetics

DLCC Ranch is setting the trend in the breed for calving ease cattle that have the necessary growth capability. Learn more


DLCC Poundmakers capitalize on the effects of heterosis and hybrid vigor resulting in a 25% increase in production. That boost in production stays through the next generation. Learn More

Feed Efficient

Meat Animal Research Center supported data tells the tale. DLCC Females cost you less money. Learn More