DLCC Genetics are Bred to Adapt & Perform in any environment


DLCC Bulls on the Menges Ranch in Southern Arizona.

Our cattle can be found in many diverse and harsh conditions. 

Recent evidence suggests South Devon cattle may be the most adaptable to high altitudes of the British breeds of cattle. 



DLCC Pair on the ranch in Central Minnesota. 


Our Bull Guarantee

All bulls are guaranteed for the first breeding season. The first breeding season is defined as 90 days from the first turnout of the bull. A replacement bull at equal or lesser value will be provided if a bull is available. If a bull is replaced at an agreed lesser value a sale credit of the difference will be issued for the next sale. If a bull cannot be replaced, a sale credit will be issued of the same value as purchased for the next sale. If a bull is injured within a year of purchase, a sale credit will be issued minus 25% of purchased value. Please notify us of any injury as soon as possible and prior to the bull being sold for salvage.


Bull Development

Our pursuit is to develop adaptable cattle, capable of traversing the harshest of environments while remaining attractive and fertile. All of our bulls are developed in a large pen with access to a small pasture during the months prior to our sale. This ensures they receive adequate exercise and conditions the bulls to move freely and athletically. They receive a ration designed to gain 3.2 pounds per day gain with free-choice roughage. All bulls are fertility tested approximately one month before the sale for scrotal circumference, sperm motility and morphology. A Bull fertility certificate will be issued on every bull sold.