DLCC Ranch

Our Family History

Since the early 1980's Darlynn Cattle Company, has been in the Seedstock business. Dar and Lynn started by managing cattle operations like Figure 4 Salers and the Triple H Charolais ranch. In 1986, Dar traveled to the 101 Ranch sale in Little Falls, MN and there he found the South Devon breed. Coincidentally the following year in February at the 101 Dispersal sale, Dar and Lynn purchased another 54 cows as well as an open heifer by the name of "Tiffany Lass 11U". She would go on to win the National Western Stock Show, and so began the evolution to one of the most premier South Devon herds in the country. The initial appeal to the breed was the disposition, and although during that time South Devon were not the most attractive cattle, carcass merit and growth were strengths of the breed. The guiding principles to our operation have remained a balanced approach to genetics with emphasis on growth and carcass merit, a sincere focus on eye-appeal and udder quality, and emphasizing the effects of hybrid vigor through the production of our Poundmaker cattle. Our philosophy to cattle breeding is represented in every animal we sell and we pride ourselves in producing honest cattle, that give you real results.

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1982 - 1984

Dar and Lynn manage Figure 4 Salers Ranch located near Ceder Ridge, CO. They purchased F4 Super Girl as a purebred open heifer calf from Figure 4, who would go on to win the National Champion Salers Female in 1986 and was awarded the signature "Bell" from the French Salers Association. 


1984 - 1992

Dar and Lynn manage the Triple H Cattle Company, headquartered in Sauk Rapids, MN. They helped bring Salers and South Devon cattle to the operation

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Dar and Lynn exhibit the National Champion South Devon Female, DLCC Tiffany Lass 41U, at the National Western Stock Show. Dar tells the story... 

 I was sitting next to Randy and Clifford Honeycutt at the Rich Prairie Livestock Barn on the top row, as I was about to purchase Tiffany as an open heifer. Clifford said "what are you going to do with that heifer there?" and I responded " I'm going to take her home, feed her, and win Denver." We purchased her for $700... and I even raised my own bid.

1988 - 1996

Starting with their first National Champion, Tiffany Lass 41U, Dar and Lynn won consecutive National Champion titles during this time.

Polled Glory, Rebel, Montana Century, Reward, Liberty, Broadway, Just a Flirt, Landslide

are just a few names that got the slap in Denver. These early winners set the stage for what would become a 30 year winning resume of champion South Devon cattle. 

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Dar and Lynn start their own production sale titled the "Black Hills Gentle Genetics" offering South Devon Cattle to coincide with the Black Hills Stock Show. The first 5 sale catalogs featured original artwork. 

"I always dreamed of having my own cattle sale" - Dar



Trouble is born and Lane enters the family. 

Dar and Lane
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DLCC BLK Beauty wins Supreme Champion Female at the Black Hills Stock Show. She is the first South Devon female to ever accomplish this feat.



Dar and Lynn relocate the ranch from Sauk Rapids to the current location in Pierz, Minnesota. The annual "Black Hills Gentle Genetics" sale is relocated with the move to the ranch in Pierz. 

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Leah is born and another showman enters the ranks. 



DLCC Black Enuf 127J wins the National Western Stock Show and is picked up by the American Breeder Service. Black Enuf 127J becomes one of the most widely used South Devon sires in the country. 

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DLCC La Di Da becomes the first DLCC Female to win two National Champion titles. She produced a total of 12 calves in her lifetime. 


2011 - 2012

DLCC Shur Loc 99W becomes the first two-time National Champion bull and a half interest was purchased by Lee Leachman. He went on to sire over 300 registered South Devon calves and left an impact on countless commercial cattle operations. 

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Two Step_No Halter (2).jpg

2015 - 2016

DLCC Two Step becomes the second two-time National Champion Bull. He was syndicated in the 23rd annual production sale with ten partners buying exclusive semen rights for 4 years.



Dar, Lynn and family celebrate their 25th Annual Production Sale, which hosted the largest single offering of South Devon cattle in the country. 

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After dating for 3 years, Lane finally proposed to Kate at the National Western Stock Show. She enters the family with an undefeated record beating Lane in showmanship. 


Leah graduated from Kansas State University in 2019 with a degree in agricultural communications and journalism. She currently works for Swanson Russell, a fully-integrated business marketing agency as a public relations writer for agricultural clients in the Omaha, NE office.


Lane & Kate

Lane and Kate still currently reside in Manhattan, Kansas where Kate works as the account manager for LivestockDirect. Lane received his Bachelors in Animal Science in 2015 and his Master's in Animal Breeding & Genetics in 2017, both from Kansas State University. Lane is currently the director of commercial and nontraditional data programs at the American Simmental Association.