Social Media Step Up

Social media is an inexpensive way to promote your operation and keep new and existing customers chatting about your business. During this time of volatile markets in the agricultural industry, producers are looking to get the most bang for their buck. Social Media outlets can provide a great service, but only if performed and operated right.

The top media outlet for business growth is no surprise, Facebook. This media platform offers the most versatile options for users. Such as sharing content from others, providing thought-provoking discussion, numerous photos and even Live Videos.

Even better is Facebook doesn’t get the entire spotlight. Instagram is a second weapon in reaching a variable and massive audience. Instagram does it best by focusing on providing users with a visual experience, and by limiting the focus on words.

Knowing this, the first step is to select the social media outlets your operations wants to have a professional image on. You don’t have to select just one, but keep in mind the more media handles you have, the more time will be needed to manage those on a professional level.

Growing your community


Use Live Video

Live Videos get the most reach by far compared to any other content formats. There are many ways a livestock producer can use Facebook’s Live Video. Examples include, during a livestock show, sorting through cattle in a pasture, or even Facebook Live your annual production sale.

You’re only limited by your own creativity. Keep in mind before posting, ask yourself the question, would this represent my business in a professional way?

Invite users to Like your page

Online and active users are sitting ducks. If someone you know hasn’t found or liked your page as they’ve seen material in their personal news feed, send them an invite.

Use Media

One of the worst things you can do is post something on your page that will not grab your audience’s attention. By attaching a photo, video or link to your post you are making sure your audience has a visual tie-in to your message.


The main content material for Instagram is of course, photos. Don’t think you have any business professional worthy photos? Then get the most bang for your buck by using the photos you hired a professional livestock photographer to take of your cattle and operation.

Strategically Interacting

To gain exposure and followers, organically (without paid promotion) interact with other accounts who relate to the livestock industry. This is where the amount of time and dedication comes in. First, get organized with online planning.

Choose five brand accounts that are similar to yours and leave one genuine comment on their three most recent posted photos. By commenting, you will expose your account to people who are interacting with material that’s related to yours.


Once again, social media is meant for businesses to connect with their audience without sinking your operations entire promotional budget. It takes time and dedication just like the time you have invested in your herd of livestock.

Make smart decisions when posting content. Simple proof reading goes a long way and incorporating a link in a post to show your business is stating credible information.

It’s also important to stay consistent in your daily postings. This can refer back to asking yourself is this professional enough to post on my account?

Social media can be extremely challenging and requires critical strategy to be done correctly. However, this only scratches the surface of the capabilities of social media. Some companies pour thousands of dollars into better understanding and maximizing results from social media.

The online community will only continue to grow, which opens up opportunities for agricultural organizations to protect the perception of farmers and ranchers and also grow operations by reaching a new and younger audience.

However, if your focus is on running your operation rather than highlighting it online, you are not alone. There are many young and professional communication experts that can certainly help in a social media campaign.

Remember, by making the choice to have an active presence in social media, carefully consider the time and dedication it will require to maintain a professional voice and if it is something your organization can profit from.

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