DLCC Balanced Genetics

We are your dependable source for South Devon and Poundmaker genetics

We don't chase trends and we never lose sight of our mission to make cattle that can perform on all fronts. We've made significant progress in making our cattle calve much easier with lower birth weights, yet increasingly improve the weaning and yearling weights. Our female base has been moderated with particular attention to udder quality and longevity. 

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Balanced Genetics

DLCC leads the breed in balanced genetics

In 2017, DLCC had more balanced trait leaders than any other South Devon producer in the breed. Of the 47 total bulls identified as balanced trait leaders, 17 belonged to the DLCC prefix and were developed by our program. 

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In 2017, DLCC Bulls excelled in economically relevant traits


Birth Weight

Percentage of Bulls below the breed Avg for BW EPD 75%

Carcass Weight

Percentage of Bulls Above Breed Avg for Carcass Weight EPD 77%
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Yearling Weight

Percentage of Bulls Above Breed Avg for YW EPD 80%


Percentage of Bulls Above Breed Avg for Marb EPD 82%